You complete your barn hygiene by providing a clean, dry and grippy walking alley. This leads to dry claws, cleaner cows and clean cubicle bedding. This is not only pleasant, but also saves you costs.

From Smart Farm, you can find scrapers by Royal de Boer, a company with over 150 years of experience. Royal de Boer manure management solutions are characterized by:

  • Durability
  • Customizable functionality for every farm
  • Automation according to the farm's possibilities and needs

We offer scrapers with different designs and functionality: 

  • Standard Combi – scraper with hot-dip galvanized and interchangeable parts, which can be easily adjusted according to the desired alley width. Suitable for cleaning alleys 1.8-5 m wide.


  • Superclean – a scraper for slatted floors with a durable, but soft and animal-friendly pull strip made of polyurethane. Suitable for cleaning alleys 1.7-4.5 m wide.  


Advanced Combi – a galvanized steel scraper with a versatile design, which can be folded up, for example, when cleaning cubicles. Suitable for cleaning alleys 1.7-4.5 m wide. 


Folding – the blades of the folding scraper form a V-shape when retracted and can also easily handle sweeping long straw from the floor. To guide the scraper, the part to be cleaned must have a profile in the middle. Suitable for cleaning alleys 1.6-5 m wide. 


Cross channel – a scraper system that directs manure from several areas to be cleaned into one cross channel. The scraper cleans an alley of up to 37 meters long.