CCT Colostrum

At birth, calves immune system is not yet developed and they have limited energy supply. Ternes gives them the immunity and energy they need to adapt to the environment.

CCT colostrum provides strong immunity and is convenient to use:

  • IgG molecules are readily absorbed for maximum immune protection
  •  >85% IgG1 – the antibody most effective in protecting calves against diarrhoea and pneumonia
  • Broad-spectrum of antibodies
  • An important energy source required by calves immediately after birth
  • Mixes easily in under 15 seconds
  • 3-year shelf life when stored at room temperature
  • Made from only bovine colostrum; no blood, whey, egg or other ingredients not naturally found in maternal colostrum
  • Free of disease-causing organisms, such as Tuberculosis, Paratuberculosis, Salmonella and others.

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