Manure management

Barn hygiene is the basic prerequisite for troublefree milk production. Infection risk, claw diseases and, for example, mastitis, can be avoided by bringing and maintaining a high level of hygiene in the barn. However, hygiene measures depend heavily on the barn management and the installed equipment, but starts with keeping the walking alleys clean.

From Smart Farm, you'll find manure management systems from Royal de Boer, a company with over 150 years of experience.

The flagship solutions of Royal de Boer are divided into three categories according to design, materials, and farm requirements:


  • Fulfills the basic cow welfare requirement
  • Price/Quality ratio for every budget
  • Basic automation needs are provided


  • Improvement of cow welfare
  • Advanced for a better future
  • High adaptability to your needs
  • Automation for comfort


  • Cow welfare is main driver
  • Designed for maximum capacity and durability
  • Extensive automation focused on comfort and management
  • Find the manure system that suits your barn best!

Find the manure system that suits your barn best!

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