Elista mattresses

The underlay of Elista mattress is made of 100% pure latex foam.

The spring characteristic allows the material to permanently come back to its original shape (according to independent laboratory testing simulating 10 years of regular use).

The density of the material is adapted to the cow's weight. Elista's density is 300 kg/m3. Other mattresses on the market offer the density of 180 kg/m3 or 240 kg/m3 which are only suitable for lighter heifers. The latex underlay assures a natural insulation for the animals. It is also wrapped in a protective, moisture proof plastic film.


  • Textile inlay and high-quality rubber 
  • Double woven textile inlay prevents breakage, contraction and expansion
  • Textile inlay's breaking strength (170 kgf/cm) is equally resistant lengthwise and widthwise. A cow's hoof pressure reaches 27 kgf/cm while getting up
  • Ozone and UV treatment represents 20% of the price but multiplies by 4 the durability of the rubber


  • The top cover has a transversal groove pattern
  • Top and bottom part of the top cover: the grooves going down to the end of cubicle help to improve runoff of liquids (milk for example) to eliminate humidity which would otherwise cause bacteria to develop rapidly.

  •  Central design: the transversal groove pattern in the center allows better air circulation around the abdomen of the cow. It also provides better bedding retention as the cow backs out of the stall. The mattress will not drag along with the cow nor be stained with waste in the alley.
  • 2 grooves on the top cover match interior width of a hoof open and under pressure. Their spacing permits better hoof adherence for stepping into the stall and for lying down and standing up. 
  • Soft finish and a non-abrasive surface aid in preventing hock lesions.
  • Thanks to resistant elements of rubber, there is no expansion or contraction of rubber under very high or very low temperatures.

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