Intelligent Soaker

Environmentally sustainable while mitigating heat stress and maximizing productivity.

Putting the health and well-being of animals first is extremely important on a farm. To accomplish this, focus is needed where the animal lives to create a consistent, Animal-Centered Environment year-round, minimizing heat stress associated with many health issues and loss of productivity.

The Intelligent Soaker can allow farms to have sustainable operations and gain profitability.

Conventional soaking systems work using temperature set points and timing intervals and soak whether animals are present or not. The Intelligent Soaker only soaks if an animal is present, saving up to 70% *of the water compared to conventional soakers. The installation parameters and detection algorithms were optimized to ensure cow detection for recommended nozzle installation.**


  • Up to 70% water savings
  • Only turn on when animals are present
  • No batteries to change
  • Optimizes detections rates
  • Automated to save water while providing heat abatement
  • Easy retrofit for existing systems


  • Plug and play harness
  • Standard soaking nozzle fitting for new and existing systems
  • Ultrasonic sensor for accuracy and robustness


Energy is focused on milk production, reproduction, and animal health.

  • Increased feed efficiency
  • Less peak milk loss
  • Decreased lameness
  • Reduces pregnancy loss
  • Decreased early embryonic death
  • Longer gestation lengths
  • Healthy immune system

*Based on farm trials measuring water computation in the summer using the same soaking intervals as the traditional system previously in place.
**Cows were consistently detected when standing up to 2.5 ft away from the sensor.

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