Teat cleaning and disinfecting systems

The Puli-sistem teat scrubbing systems let you prepare cows' teats for milking in one easy step.

The scrubbers effectively and consistently wash, disinfect, dry and stimulate each cows teats prior to milking. The teat scrubbers consist of 3 or 4 brushes. The upper brushes wash, sanitize and massage the external surface of the teats and the base of the udder. At the same time the bottom brushes completes the same operation at the end of the teats and at the sphincter.

Puli-sistem teat scrubbing systems


  • spores
  • coli bacteria
  • scc
  • mastitis
  • labor costs
  • milking prepping times


  • overall profit
  • consistency
  • efficiency
  • throughput
  • milking letdown times

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