HORIBA Pocket Meter for ionized calcium in blood

LAQUAtwin Ionized Calcium Meter

Calcium is an important macro mineral for dairy cows. Measurement of iCa (ionized Calcium) on site can be of great value to veterinarians and producers. An innovative and lower cost instrument could help with more timely decisions and avoid submission of blood samples to a laboratory.

The dairy veterinary field is progressively studying subclinical Hypocalcemia. To detect this condition real time using the HORIBA iCa Checker can make a significant improvement in an animal’s health.

  • Accuracy in a single drop

Incorporating the same parts as standard laboratory electrodes, the LAQUAtwin compact meters are built with miniaturised components and unique flat sensor chip, which is less than 1 mm thick, a result of 60 years of HORIBA’s sensor engineering technology.

  • Fast screening

Perform a quick screening without having to send your sample to the lab. Saving time ensures a quicker response to the animal’s healthcare.

  • Instant Results

The measured ionized Calcium value should give a good indication about the animals’ health and probability of contracting Hypocalcemia or Hypercalcemia.

  • IP 67 Water – and Dustproof Housing

The instrument is completely water – and dustproof which ensures durability and a long lifetime even in the harshest conditions.

Measurement procedure

  1. Drawing Blood
  2. Switch on iCa meter
  3. 2 point calibration
  4. Place sample on the sensor
  5. Instant result


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