Estrous detector for cows

The latest oestrous detector by Draminski, for cows and mares - indispensable for a conscious breeder.

EDC 2 Estrous detector features:

  • Two modes. The simple setting is suitable for fast measurements without additional features. The option with additional features allows saving the date and animal data (up to 250 animals). It also allows for using more operating modes.
  • 2.4 inch backlit LED display. The information on the screen is clear and easy to read even in difficult lighting conditions.
  • The entire device (including the buttons and the screen) is washable under running water.
  • Easy to use and intuitive, the device is easy to use without assistance.
  • It is possible to choose between 1-3 (recommended) readings. Limited to one at a time if necessary, for example, if the animal is restless or hyperactive.
  • The data can be transferred to a computer via the USB port. You can also create PDF and JPG files, Excel spreadsheets, and use a variety of other archiving and analysis methods on your computer.
  • The use of the device does not cause any inconvenience to the animals and is safe for them.

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