iScan 2 MULTI

iScan 2 MULTI is a powerful ultrasonic scanner with interchangeable probes.

iScan 2 MULTI features:

  • Wide range of probes to choose from (different abdominal and rectal probes and several other specialist probes).
  • New image quality with LuciD technology, which reduces noise and improves contrast, sharpness and better tissue differentiation. This makes the images easy to read and interpret.
  • Large screen for a more accurate diagnosis. 7-inch wide-angle LCD screen. The screen is further reinforced and resistant to damage.
  • The battery allows up to 7 hours of continuous operation.
  • The carrying straps distribute the weight of the device efficiently, increasing working comfort.
  • The device can be easily adapted to your work style. The most frequently used functions can be stored in the quick menu and are available at the touch of a button.
  • The durability of the iScan 2 MULTI is due to its strong body. We used an active ventilation system in the housing, which also ensures high operating parameters, regardless of heat or humidity. The choice of components used in the device means that the device with the battery weighs only 2060 g.
  • Flat screen and waterproof keys make it easy to keep your device clean.

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