SCiO Cup

SCiO Cup is the world’s fastest lab-grade dry matter analyzer. Compact size and light weight make it an easy-to-use and carry-around device.

Benefits of SCiO Cup:

  • Speed: get results in seconds.
  • Smartness: track results for year-after-year improvement.
  • Accuracy: Calibrated against state-of-the-art lab tests.

 SCiO Cup lets you test a large swath of samples, which improves the accuracy of your dry matter testing. So whether rain, snow or something unexpected, you can be confident your measurements are up-to-the-minute accurate. In one charge, it allows you to scan up to 400 samples. Immediate analysis improves efficiency (and the bottom line) right in the field.

Transform your operation:

  • Ensure consistent dry matter and adjust rations in real time.
  • Maximize feed efficiency and boost your bottom line.
  • Measure green chop and forage, dry hay, high moisture and dry shelled corn and more.
  • Adjust for weather events.
  • Plan optimal silage harvesting time. 

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