DairyComp 305

Manage your farm easily and efficiently with the world's most intelligent livestock management software,  discovering problems before they affect farm productivity.

DairyComp 305 is the most complete dairy farm management program that does its job faster and more thoroughly than any other livestock management software. The program shows breeding, production indicators and cow health around the clock.

DairyComp305 main features:

  • Daily report writing - saves everything from events to logs and allows you to sort data as needed
  • Reports are easy to read - graphically or graphically adapted analysis of reproduction, productivity, health, bull information, status of animals / breeding material / medicines, etc.
  • Flexibility - Choose the reports and worksheets you want to generate
  • Manage animals, people, supplies and finances
  • Monitor veterinarian records, breeding plan compliance, medication use, insemination, herd performance
  • Compatibility - Upload performance check data


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